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Brand Positioning, Logo Design, brand bible, Logo Library
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Brand identity

Made for newly licensed cannabis retailers, wholesalers, cultivators, and delivery services, get the basics you need to get your brand off the ground and start building brand equity right away.

Brand Positioning

A strategically defined brand creates an irresistible emotional connection with your customers.

Our strategist will lead a workshop designed to help you define who your brand is, what you stand for, and why your customers should care.

At the end of this process, you will have a Strategy Brief that will be the touchstone for all your future decisions about the brand. The Brief should be shared with your internal team as well as your vendors to assure a consistent experience anywhere your audience comes into contact with your brand.

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Logo design

A brand's visual identity, based on the brand strategy, is driven by its logo and its consistent application across all points of contact with the audience.

Our process guides you through three rounds of design iterations to determine the solution that best fits your brand strategy. Upon completion, we will deliver a library of professional logo images optimized for print and digital use, and options for full color, black only, and white with a clear background.

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brand bible

A Brand Bible is your guide to the consistent application of your brand's identity at every touch point with your audience, across all types of media.

The Brand Bible provides visual guides to color palettes, font usage, and logo placement. It also includes the highlights of your Brand Strategy so you have everything about your brand all in one place.

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